about ricky

hi, i'm ricky. welcome to my website.

here you will find my works of graphic design, writing, and other creative projects i have done. before that, here's a little background about me.

my name is ricky nguyen. i am 21 years old. i look a little like that to your left, but my hair's grown a bit since then. but the dimple is still there. or at least i hope so. oh yeah, just checked, still there.

i studied Communication and Professional Multimedia Writing at the University of California, Santa Barbara. in June of 2020, after 2 wildfires, a mudslide, the COVID-19 outbreak, and Kobe Bryant's death, i graduated. whew. now that was quite a ride.

when not in class, i like to spend my time watching movies, drawing, writing, being on YouTube, working out (sometimes), playing basketball (but i'm not that good), volunteering with kids, and eating.

i plan to enter a career in marketing, advertising, and public relations. when people ask me what i want to do with my education, i tell them, "i want to spread a message." what that message is, i have yet to figure it out. but i know spreading it will involve marketing and my graphic design, writing, and creativity.

i am a storyteller and like to use words as well as images to tell stories. the majority of my work is done using Adobe Creative Suite (primarily Illustrator & Photoshop) that I've taught myself through YouTube videos. i DRAW (haha get it?) inspiration from movies, popular culture, and the remarkable stories of the world.

that's all for now. i hope you enjoy what you see. and i'll meet you again at the end!


keep in touch

email: rickynguyendesign@gmail.com

phone number: (626) 905-8639