intermittent fasting

What if I told you breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day?
What if I told you breakfast isn't even necessary? Lucky for us, that's true.

Society of Intermittent Fasters is a website I built using HTML & CSS to educate, inform, and connect people about alternative eating lifestyles. The goal is not to get everyone to start intermittent fasting, but rather simply to make aware the option for people whose lives may be improved through intermittent fasting and/or other eating lifestyles.

Following are some of the information I've included in the website that:
1) explains the history of why we eat 3 meals a day, and why it's now obsolete
2) describes what intermittent fasting is and lays out the research of its benefits and risks
3) instructs how you can begin to make changes to your lifestyle

This project is called "What IF?" because it aims to use an edutainment approach to raise awareness about IF. It also poses the question, "what if?" to prompt readers to rethink their lifestyle choices and consider less traditional routines and habits to better their lives.

On this website, people who have chosen IF can connect with one another through the communities. For people who are not intermittent fasters, they will be able to find information to evaluate their lifestyles. Though the prominent eating lifestyle advocated is intermittent fasting, SIF welcomes people from all woks of life (haha get it?) and anyone with an open mind who wishes to try it out or learn more.