ride or die

The story depicting my relationship with my first car is by far my most personal and informal piece of writing. When writing this piece, I was able to use very specific details that are unique and personal to me. For example, I write about the particular model of my truck, my school, my hometown, and even specific amounts of money I spent. Of all the pieces, this is the farthest from analytical essays and closest to storytelling. It includes no research and no critical thinking. To be completely honest, it was simply thinking out loud. I simply recalled the story in my head and wrote it down. It breaks a lot of rules and boundaries and utilizes a very unconventional style of writing. Every sentence, many incomplete, reads as if I am telling the story to my reader in person, and that is an aspect I enjoy about writing sometimes - to be able to tell a story of seemingly no significance but teach a valuable lesson.

Also, the truck broke down three months afterwards and I sold it, or what remained of it, for $800 and gave the money to my grandmother.